meet the maker

Becca Hildebrand, maker and owner of Hildesign, wearing a pair of the NEXA earrings and wearing a pastel sweater

hi, i'm becca hildebrand!

all HILDESIGN pieces are happily handmade by me out of my home studio in cedar rapids, iowa – under the scrutiny and supervision of my cat, moosh. the name "HILDESIGN" is a mild play on my last name – design has been a huge part of my life and encompasses what i do each day as a graphic design professional and artist.


funny picture of hildesign owner with her cat


as a lifelong crafter, i've always loved creating special pieces to gift to my friends and family. the excess time spent at home in 2020 led me to discover polymer clay jewelry-making, and i became obsessed with learning and trying new techniques as i found my style. i'm excited to share my unique, affordable, and lovingly handmade jewelry and decor with you! 




buying handmade and supporting small businesses personally gives me the warm fuzzies, and just feels way cooler, you know? thank you so much for visiting my site – your interest and support really means a lot!